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Note: this tutorial WILL also de-brand your Rogers/T-Mobile branded phone. Please read the whole guide before doing anything. If you are illiterate DO NOT ATTEMPT. Always read through this guide before you do anything because I constantly update it. Tested on Windows 8, Windows 7 & Linux 12.04&12.10

As a noob, you might be asking yourself, what is inter-who? full unloc-what?

Interop-unlock = Exactly the same as your regular phone with the ability to install unsigned? XAP (apps)

Full-unlock = 100% developer unlocked phone with ability to install unsigned apps as well as full exe files (if you can find any that are compatible)

Earlier this month, when I purchased my T-Mobile Lumia 710 (RM-809) I was looking through these forums and found a great community of developers that found methods to interop-unlock and full-unlock the Lumia 710.

However, there was no clear-cut step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

To make matters worse, most of the available vague tutorials were for the RM-803 model for the 710, and not the RM-809.

I am making this tutorial to clear the confusion for noobs (such as myself) and offer a complete step-by-step tutorial to flashing your Lumia 710.

This tutorial is 100% based on MY EXPERIENCE flashing my RM-809, I CANNOT guarantee you will get the same results that I did.

I have now made a Clear Cut List of ALL the Lumia 710 ROM’s download links (Check the Bottom)


Steps in an outline:

1) Check for Qualcomm either Yes or NSS 2) Download ROM from the list below 3) Backup using Linux 4) Flash either using Linux or Windows 5) Apply bug fixes 6) Install apps&add email(s) and accounts and registry mods and tweaks


1. First you must determine which bootloader you have, there are two different bootloaders, NOKIA DLOAD, and QUALCOMM.

So your options:

1)Nokia Care Suite (I have NO Clue how to use it so I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE!)

2)NSS (Follow the clear guide here)

Nokia Dload = Locked Memory (Unflashable)

Qualcomm = Unlocked Memory (Flashable)

The one we need is the Qualcomm bootloader.

In order to determine which bootloader you have on your phone, you must first power down your phone with NO wires plugged in, then while holding the VOL + button, plug in the usb cable, remain holding the VOL + buton until you feel a short vibration plug in the cable (OEM Nokia cable for flashing) and then when your computer recognizes the device remove your fingers.

Your (windows) computer will start trying to install drivers, double click on the little moving icon in your task bar to bring up the driver software installation window.

Note: If you previously tried to determine your bootloader, windows might not try to install the drivers, instead click start –> Devices and printers, it should be listed there.

If it says Nokia DLOAD, well you have Nokia Dload, if there a bunch of things getting their drivers installed, one being Qualcomm, then you have Qualcomm.


Now, you might be asking yourself, “Okay, so I have Nokia DLOAD, Am i out of luck?”. The answer is step 2, where we downgrade(downgrading isn’t bad or having you lose functionality it is just giving access to NAND when you go OSBL) your Nokia DLOAD into Qualcomm. (If you already have Qualcomm skip to step 3)


1. Download the latest version: or my backup copy

2. Extract to a folder, start the program (it now creates directories when started)

3. Insert the 2 loaders in \loaders\special\wp7\

the qualcomm file: RM803_12w07_prod_generic_nokia_osbl.esco:

second file: RM803_11w48_prod_raw_nokia_osbl.bin:

4. Go to Flashing->WP7 Tools->Install (Note you must be in OSBL mode)

I have heard that you can flash using NSS  too!  I am not sure but I will discover. Does it also backup?

Great you just finished what I thought to be the toughest part!

Download a ROM  (At the bottom)

Ok so now you have to FLASH the Windows Phone (You have 2 options)

Linux: Go to 3

Windows: Go to 8

3. The next step involves running Linux through a Live CD (or you can install but I prefer Live CD so you don’t change your whole OS or do the multiboot crap)


Linux is a free and open source operating system. The reason we need linux is because we need the built-in “dd” command, which helps us flash the phone, and is not readily available nor stable in windows (to flash in Windows you don’t need the “dd” function so don’t get discouraged. You can use any distribution of linux, however in this tutorial i will be using Ubuntu.

3.1: Go to  and download and make a LiveCD/USB I burnt a CD with ImgBurn: (On Windows 8 you finally get disk mounting abilities and you can burn disk images so if you don’t have ImgBurn fret not just right click and ‘burn disk image’

3.2: Boot into Ubuntu (download your ROM through Ubuntu or through Windows doesn’t matter just have a ROM they are all listed at the bottom

Note: To switch between ubuntu and windows just restart the computer and choose from the purple menu 

I mounted my hard drive (Windows and pulled my os-new.nb file from there but if you are using your hard drive and somehow can’t access your Windows Partition put it on a USB(faster than a CD/DVD) and move it into your home folder.

4. Now that you’re in Ubuntu, youre ready to backup and flash your phone, however, you must first determine the partition letter of your phone.

4.1: To do this, first open up a terminal window (ctrl + alt + t)

4.2: Next you must type the following command into the terminal window and press enter to raise your privileges:

sudo su

Note: You may need to enter your password to raise privileges

4.3: For this step make sure your phone is NOT plugged in.

Type in the following command to list all of the detected partitions:

ls /dev/

Note: You may need to expand the terminal window so you can see all of the partitions.

You should get something like this:

What we want to do is find all of the partitions that start with “sd” We need to take note of their third letter, and the number of partitions.

For example, in my case, I had two devices that start with “sd“, “sdA” with 1 partition, and “sdB” with 6 partitions.

Note: Every computer will have different combinations of third drive letters and partitions.

Because my phone is unplugged, I can take note that neither of these devices is my phone.

4.4: Now plug your phone in to your computer in Qualcomm mode (Power down.. Hold Vol+ and plug in USB)

and you might get this popup window:

Just press X and close it.

Go back to the terminal window and type the same command as before:

ls /dev/

You should get something like this:

We can clearly see a new device that starts with “sd” has appeared after plugging in the phone in Qualcomm mode.

Note: If the new sd device is your phone, it MUST show exactly 9 partitions.

We now have our partition letter! (In my case its c)

Note: I’ll repeat this again, your partition letter might NOT be c, every computer is different.

4.5: Now that we know our partition letter, we can determine the partition to backup/flash to.

Just plug in your partition letter in-place for X into this: sdX9

In my case, my partition that I must backup/flash is: sdc9

5. Now that we have determined the partition, we are now ready to back it up before flashing. Go to 5.2

5A. If you are hardcore like me and want your phone jailbroken fast just go to   again if your phone bricks not my fault go to 6.4

5.1: If you do not already have a terminal window open from the last step, open one now (ctrl + alt + t).

5.2: To back up the partition, enter this command into the terminal, replacing X with your partition letter determined in step 4:

dd if=/dev/sdX9 of=backup9.nb

For example, because my partition letter is c I will replace X with c and type in this command:

dd if=/dev/sdc9 of=backup9.nb


The dd command has no progress bar, it will be a white blinker until it is done.

The dd command will take a while 15-30 minutes to backup your entire partition.

The backup9.nb file will be around 8GB in size and will be stored in the Ubuntu Home folder.

5.3: Store backup9.nb somewhere safe! You will need it if your phone gets bricked!

6. The last step is to finally full unlock flash the firmware.

6.3: Now open up a terminal window if not already open (ctrl + alt + t)

Enter this command to elevate privileges:

sudo su

Note: You may need to enter your password to raise privileges

6.4: Now using the partition we obtained in step 4 (In my case: sdc9) use this command to flash your phone with the unlocked firmware:


dd if=os-new.nb of=/dev/sdX9

Replace X with your partition letter (In my case it’s c)

so in my case I would enter:

dd if=os-new.nb of=/dev/sdc9


The dd command has no progress bar, it will be a white blinker until it is done.

The dd command will take a while 15-30 minutes to flash your entire partition.

6.5: Once it is done flashing, unplug your phone and exit Qualcomm mode by removing and replugging in your battery.

6.6: You must now do a hard reset by:

Holding POWER + VOLUMEDOWN + CAMERA until you feel the phone vibrate.

After that, RELEASE power button but KEEP HOLDING VOL- and the camera button for five or more seconds.

This will trigger the hard reset and your phone will start.

6.7: That is all, you now have a fully unlocked Lumia 710.

7. Now that you have a fully unlocked phone, you’ll notice that if you try to sign in with your windows live ID, it will ask you for an activation code.

7.1: You can obtain an activation code from Microsoft here:…at?ws=support# or

Contact information and hours of operation

If they ask tell them you accidentally hard resetted your phone and it is asking for a code

  • To contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support, telephone (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676).
  • In Canada, call (877)568-2495.
  • Microsoft Customer Service hours of operation:
    • Monday through Friday,5:00 AM- 9:00 PM Pacific Time
    • Saturday and Sunday,6:00 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific Time

You can also contact Microsoft Support by email and chat, visit the following Microsoft Website for details:

7.2: Click on “General Inquiries about Microsoft Products and Services or Genuine Advantage Questions”

7.3: Now you’ll need to chat with the Microsoft representative; tell the person that you accidentally did a hard-reset on your phone and it’s now asking for an activation code.

7.4: Once you get an activation code, enter it in on your phone, and you’re good to go.

Windows Flashing:

8.) LumiaDownloader (If you are flashing from Stock to Custom it will save your key!) 

LumiaDownloader (Run as Admin):

So step one extract ROM (I use and have come to LOVE 7zip)

Then point to ROM

Then say yes “continue” (Note your phone must be in unlocked OSBL)

Then wait for status bar (while waiting call Microsoft and ask for key to save time it the information is above)

Then it will say something about how it is complete.

Then hard reset and enjoy

How to update to WP 8862  (LATEST MSFT BUILD) 

*Without losing all of your data on any stock Lumia,Rataplan,Reality ROM, RainbowMOD(really any cab-updateable ROM)

It involves downloading SevenEighter(A program which allows you to send the latests update to your Lumia):

It is as simple as

1. Open Zune

2. Plug in Lumia and wait for it to be recognized

3. Run SevenEighter (as admin on Vista, 7 & 8)

4. Click Update (When selecting languages for Reality ROM just check every box. On stock 7740 it was just Chinese(Traditional) English(US) and Spanish.)

5. DO NOT DISCONNECT (The older your OS is the longer it will take, such as with my dad’s stock on 7740 (NEVER UPDATED) it took about 45 mins, while mine on Rataplan took 10 mins, RainbowMOD about 10 mins, and Reality ROM about 10 mins. Although my brother’s stock 8773 took about 25 mins. But if you have everyone on the same ROM it doesn’t take as long because it doesn’t have to download specific files for different builds.)

6. Turn back on and enjoy (DO NOT HARD RESET!! UNLESS YOU WANT A 100% clean updated 8862 Lumia)

After Flashing:

So the registry tweaks that I did

Apparently this fixes the weak vibrate that some are having (Doesn’t make a difference with me):

Navigate to:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ ControlPanel \ SoundCategories \ Ring \ RingerOnVibrateOn]
"Script" = "av0.1w0.3v0.3w0.3v0.1w0.3v0.3w0.3v0pr"

and change to:
"Script" = "av0.1w0.3v0.3w0.3v0.1w0.3v0.3w0.3v0"

not sure if that worked or not but vibrate is fine for me so I am leaving it as it is.

You can listen to radio without headphones (not recommended as it is fuzzy or unclear)  :


Eh. It does EXACTLY what it says but for me unless I'm outside it is quite full of static

Put your own text on System tray. Max 3 characters.


Where XXX is your own text. Then reboot. I used it to change from the ROM’s 3G to 4G and such to make it back to US stock (T-Mobile) So to do that go to the Directory:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Connectivity\CellularUx\DataConnectionIcon] and then find anything that you want to change and change it.

Your phone must be Full Unlocked!

Then you should install WP7 Root Tools (You should also have taken my suggestion and set everthing to trusted under Root Manager by Ultrashot)

Unlock the hidden options in the settings (Doesn’t do anything cool):

LOCAL MACHINE/System/Accessibility/

"CompactMode"=dword: 0 
"TTY"=dword: 1 
"telecoil UI"=dword: 1 
"telecoil"=dword: 1

I did it nothing spectacular but it shows more things so try it.

Change or Remove the Search Engine in Internet Explorer

CURRENT USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/SearchProviders


1. Create key “Google”

2. Create value:

value name: URL

value type: string

value data:{searchTerms}

3. Done!


1. Create key “Yahoo!”

2. Create value:

value name: URL

value type: string

value data:{searchTerms}

Yandex (The one I removed)

1. Create key “Yandex”

2. Create value:

value name: URL

value type: string

value data:{searchTerms}


Remove built-in applications from saintonotole’s firmware by vova1609

As you know, if you delete  an application, like Bazaar, this application will be installed again after reboot. I have the found solution:

Local Machine/Software/OEM/FirstBoot/InstallApps

Delete folder InstallApps

hah. you can uninstall the apps you don’t want but they reappear on startup so uninstall the ones you don’t want and delete this folder.

For very low brightness(tested on lumia 710)

Current User/Control Panel/Brightness


Value= 1

1 is the lowest I have tried, I don’t want to try 0. Value is probably 1-100.

Battery performance is great. When you don’t need it all the way up or at night.

WPHTweaks is a bad one to keep: What I did was tuned it to how I like (make sure you turn off the access media while syncing IT NEVER TURNS OFF) so I uninstalled it reinstalled it and then set everything to how I like while keeping access media while syncing on OFF as it is BAD then tuned Volume to 50 (not louder more control) and some other things then I uninstalled as it is bad to keep on as it is quite buggy. Then the things you set stay. Dehyration and no limit to tasks is also nice.

WPHTweaks possibly the most useful application created *THANKS JAXBOT*  When you are using the keyboard if you long press on a key then it will show up with accents. Jaxbot has figured out how to enable you to insert your own text in. Such as after school and I am going over to a friends home all it do is hold on the comma while texting and slide to the right. Now instead of an accent i have written “Going with Blake”, I simply select it and it puts that in my textbox so bam straight to my dad. I have had a messed up USB cable and whenever I mess around in WPHTweaks when my Lumia won’t sync with Zune I put pressure on the USB causing it to work. I have hated incorrectly. Feel free to hate or leave mean comments. I made a MISTAKE! Sorry Jaxbot.

8. How to install XAP apps…

To install XAP apps to your windows phone, You can do either of these two things:

A. Download an XAP app on the phone browser and install it from there.


B. Deploy it to your phone from your pc.

In this step we will cover how to do procedure B.

Note: There are many custom XAP installers on xdadevelopers, however most are outdated/buggy, It’s best to follow these steps with the official SDK.

8a. Download and install Windows Phone SDK 7.1

Note 1: Zune must be installed and OPENED before proceeding.

Note 2: The phone must be CONNECTED to zune and not in the lock-screen.

8b. Open the XAP deployment tool from here:

Start –> All Programs –> Windows phone developer tools –> Application Deployment

8c. In the Target drop-down box, select Windows Phone Device.

8d. Click Browse and locate the XAP file that you want deploy to the phone.

8e. Click the Deploy button. (It will take some time depending on the file-size)


The preferred ROM of Choice (Reality ROM): XDA Thread: & ROM:

All other ROMs

Reality ROM: XDA Thread:  & ROM:

*DISCONTINUED* RainbowMod (Lucifer3006):

RainbowMod 2.1: and thread:

Lucifer’s OLD ROMs (USE WITH CAUTION not sure if they are even up still): (It is a .txt file because I hate CLUTTER)

Rataplan (Rataplan)

Rataplan 7: and thread:

Rataplan 4.0 (UNTESTED by me): and thread: 
Rataplan 2.1  :

Rataplan 2:

 MetroRom ABANDONED(vova1609)

Metro ^7 v3:

Metro ^7 v2:

ROM Thread:



LumiaTrix 4.2:

LumiaTrix 4.3: LINK MISSING (if you have it message me!)

LumiaTrix v5(WP7.8 be sure to follow the bug fixes!) : Lumiatrix WP7.8

So the hate on Lumiatrix it has a bunch of s#@t software that you can’t remove actually you can remove (Read through my registry tweaks) (Don’t remove root manager as it is the ‘full unlock’ software I just opened Root Manager and at the top set all ‘applications to Trusted’


ROM Thread 4.3:

ROM Thread v5:

SIM Unlocking the Lumia 710 for free!

Open NSS Pro (you need the latest version)
Go to the tabs “simlocks” then at the lower bottom right click on wp7
then click unlock
you should probably be in OSBL for this to work.
Unless you cancelled your plan you should ALWAYS be able to call your carrier after like 30 days or so with the new phone and request a Sim unlock code for “overseas usage”

Bugs and Fixes:

General Things you should and shouldn’t do: Colors Start Menu can screw up your phone and will require a hard reset if it doesn’t work (Stay away)

Metro theme is NASTY it has too many controls. Press the wrong one and your colors are screwed. (Stay away)

Themes install installs more colors but can screw up and have it show blue for live tiles but for real it is orange (it is complicated and STAY AWAY)

RainbowMod 2.1: NO BUGS!! Even better no music thing on lockscreen so you access with the Volume Rocker!! When you are done Stop the Music! (app in the MarketPlace) will remove your music control

Rataplan (more like list of bugs): -Picture live tile does not resize to the biggest if once resized
-Some of the tiles have custom icons like the music+video tile, and maps tile, if those are resized to the little tiles it looks like they are stretched
-The email tile does not show incoming email text, it shows only the number of emails (but it should display some text like the messages tile)
-The small tiles have names on them, but should not have like WP8
-Calendar tile not removing appointment on lockscreen
-The Marketplace (Store) tile sometimes have a windows logo on it, sometimes not.
-Still have to add some dictations packs.

LumiaTrix v5:

Download the WP8 Dictation Pack for your language in this thread:….php?t=1822885(US English is 409, UK English is 809). Copy the file to the Windows folder on your phone. It works properly then (better than the very small WP7.5 dictionary)
so what you do is connect to zune and use WP Device Manager for it it works just fine. Put it in the /Windows          Directory then switch languages (reboot) and go back to US english or whatever language you prefer it

T-Mobile took my Lumia without a stock ROM on warranty but it was because the usb port was not working (they probably just throw it away)

If you enjoy the ability to sideload XAPs but have multiple XAPs to install consider using this :

Hey guys if I helped you at all in ANY way please leave a positive comment. I really appreciate it and I take good and more importantly BAD so I can make this the BEST site there is for LumiaBreaking. Have a nice night! 

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